Tower Bridge Exhibition review

My review of the Tower Bridge Exhibition and Walkways

Tower Bridge Walkway and ExhibitionEver wanted to go inside the famous Tower Bridge? Well now you can. I was quite looking forward to this experience. We got off the tube at London Bridge and walked to Tower Bridge along the South Bank of the River Thames. The entrance to the attraction is on the HMS Belfast side of the river.

Upon entrance we were provided with maps and a quick bag search was carried out before we went up in a lift to the left hand side tower. Here we left the lift and sat through a few minutes of video telling us about the tower bridge architects and designers, Sir Horace Jones and Sir John Wolfe Barry.

Tower Bridge Glass WalkwayWe then moved on to the first walkway. I thought that the glass walkway extended the whole length of the walkway, but it does not, just a few panes of glass in the middle of the walkway.

Along the walkways are some great views of the River Thames and its surroundings together with facts about Tower Bridge and other famous bridges around the world. There are also more videos to watch about the bridges construction and how Tower Bridge works as you walk around.

When you come to the end of the first walkway and you enter the second tower there is another video on the building of the bridge. Then move onto the second walkway with more views including HMS Belfast and of course another set of glass flooring.

It was amazing how many people walked around the glass flooring and missed it out completely. It was a very weird feeling walking over it, but you soon got used to it and the children loved it which provided lots of photo opportunities for the whole family.

There are toilets on the way out of the second tower if you need them, you then walk down a few flights of stairs until you reach the lower lift which then takes you down to street level. From there you follow the blue line painted on the bridge to the stairs which take you down to the engine room.

The engine room was very interesting and you got to see the inner workings of Tower Bridge. There was also another video to watch about the opening of the bridge, as well as some practical experiments  to try out. Then came the gift shop on the way out.

Tower Bridge Engine RoomTower Bridge walkway from outside

Overall this was a great attraction and good value for money, although I think the glass walkways do make the attraction worthwhile. Children received a passport and could collect 4 sets of stickers on their way around Tower Bridge. The attraction never felt overly busy nor did we feel rushed even on a Saturday afternoon in May, but I would allow 1 hour to 1 hour and a half to see everything.

You can book any Tower Bridge experience below and combine the experience with Thames river cruises and afternoon tea etc.

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