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rib powerboating experience review

Fancy speeding down the River Thames on a Powerboat?

This RIB powerboating experience was booked through Red Letter Days and we began our experience by making our way down to the pier where we were greeted and given life jackets. We then had a quick safety talk before boarding the boat.

RIB PowerboatNote: There are no toilets on the pier so make sure you go beforehand - the powerboating experience lasts about 50 minutes.

We boarded the red power boat and sat in rows of two, it was then time to depart. The boat can only do a certain speed whilst in the main sections of the River Thames, but once it is past the Police boat station the boat was then allowed to accelerate to top speed.

Our driver happened to be an ex-river Policeman so we knew we were in for an excellent ride. The boat goes through some amazing twists and turns at speed with the wind in your hair – whilst a classic soundtrack is playing. This includes such classics as the Baywatch theme tune, Miami Vice theme and lots more.

Powerboating GuideAfter about 20 minutes of power boating the boat turns around and it takes you leisurely down the length of the Thames. You will pass such classic landmarks as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, with unrivalled views of Tate Modern, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London along the way. Whilst passing the landmarks the excellent on-board guide describes lots of hidden gems about the Thames itself and the building and bridges whilst more music is played.

After around 50 minutes the boat brings you back to the pier and you disembark. It's got to be said this is an excellent experience and I can thoroughly recommend it. Its great value for a 50 minute experience and it's not just about speeding along, you also get a brilliant tour of the Thames with a brilliant guide.

Don't be worried about the speed aspect of the powerboating either, it is nice and fast but never once did I feel scared or worried about the experience, it was just thrilling.

Book the RIB Powerboating experience, you can book a single ticket, or save by booking the RIB powerboating for two people from Red Letter Days.

RIB Powerboating on the River Thames Experiences

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A sight-seeing trip with a difference, on board a high-speed RIB powerboat. Fantastic views of landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. This is for 1 person.

RIB Powerboating for 1


2. RIB Powerboating for twoRIB Powerboating for 2

Sight-seeing with a difference, aboard a high-speed RIB powerboat. Fantastic views of London landmarks. Fascinating commentary from an experienced skipper. Best selling experience.

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Experience two of the capital's very best attractions with an adrenaline-pumping RIB powerboating session followed by The View from The Shard. Kick things off by boarding the slick Thames Rocket at St Katharine's Pier and hold on tight for one wild ride - soak in beloved London landmarks such as Canary Wharf, The Cutty Sark, O2 and more. Afterwards go on over to The Shard and head for the heights of the observation deck to see the capital from Western Europe's tallest building - a view which is unlikely to be forgotten for a years to come. Read my Shard review.

Shard Tickets and Thames RIB Powerboating for 2 - Shard Ticket and Thames RIB Powerboating for 1

4. Thames Jet Boat Rush for Two

See the sights of London and enjoy an adrenaline filled ride on the Thames Jet Boat Rush. Launched in August 2013, this pulse-racing experience is a new and unique way to view the capital's iconic landmarks along the riverside, including Tower Bridge, The London Eye and The Shard.

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5. Thames Jet Boat Rush and Three Course Marco Pierre White Meal for Two

Feel the force of the Thames Jet Boat Rush as it takes you on a fantastic sightseeing-tour-come-thrill-seeker-activity by water. Nothing goes faster on the Thames than this military-grade jet-powered boat. Hold on for the tight turns and sharp stops; this thrilling 50 minute ride will have you buzzing with adrenaline that's for sure.

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6. Break the Barrier, Thames Rocket Speed Boat Ride for Two

Welcome to Break the Barrier, Rocket Speed Boat Ride on the Thames. Exclusively within the "Thames High Speed Zone", you and a guest will race down the river with an expert skipper firing up the Rocket's engine. The Thames Rocket is a 12 metre long, fibreglass boat with a 630hp engine. You will blast through the water on the 40 minute ride that allows you to see the O2, the Cutty Sark and Greenwich.

Break the Barrier, Thames Rocket Speed Boat Ride for Two