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Medieval Jousting Experience Day in Warwick Other Gifts Experience

Medieval Jousting Experience Day in Warwick

Medieval Jousting Experience Day in Warwick
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If you are looking for an unforgettable experience gift for a loved one or a totally unique, enjoyable and thrilling activity to try yourself, look no further than this Medieval Jousting Experience Day in Warwick! This full day experience combines jousting, sword fighting and archery to make the perfect historical action-packed day of fun, ideal for stag dos, group activities or just to enjoy yourself! The experience will begin once you get kitted up in medieval armour and costumes complete with your own title and coat of arms. After an introduction it's time to hop upon your horse for a brief riding assessment before you're taught the basic jousting skills: once you've learnt how to ride comfortably with a lance, flag and shield, you'll soon be collecting ‘golden rings’ off the tilt with your lance and hitting the man-shaped Quintaine target. Next you'll get to grips with a medieval broadsword and learn a choreographed fight sequence with the other knights-in-training. You'll then take up a longbow and see how good your aim is! After lunch it's time for the tournament - see how you fare against the Black Knight in the mini joust Grand Gauntlet Challenge ... and gain your Knighthood! This is an experience that you are guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life and your day will conclude with a Knighting Ceremony where you will be presented with your certificate - the perfect souvenir to your special day!

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