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Rock Climbing & Abseiling Experience - Sussex Extreme Experience

Rock Climbing & Abseiling Experience - Sussex

Rock Climbing & Abseiling Experience - Sussex
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The Discover Rock Climbing & Abseiling Combo in East Sussex is a fantastic experience that combines two very different outdoor activities! Rock climbing is a hugely rewarding activity; it challenges you both physically and mentally, and thankfully it is also extremely fun! This fantastic half-day course will introduce you to the thrilling extreme sport of rock climbing: you will learn basic climbing and bouldering techniques and have huge amounts of fun ... so it's perfect if you are thinking of taking up climbing and want to see if this exhilarating sport is for you. Next up, you'll travel to the 10 metre (33 ft) high purpose-built Abseiling Tower, where you will get to try another electrifying experience - and one that's guaranteed to leave you buzzing all day! You will learn the basics of abseiling with an trained instructor who will offer you plenty of guidance before you take the awesome leap of faith. Feel your heart race and the adrenaline pump as you experience two exhilarating outdoor pursuits and adventure into deepest, darkest Sussex! Experience the natural thrills these two fantastic sports offer AND feel that great sense of reward as you improve throughout the day!

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