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"Very professionally run for such a niche event. Very impressed by the staff there."
Date reviewed: //2013-08-19
"The energy and attitude of staff was second to none, professional and fun. The horses were a dream. The combination of activities provided during the day suited the group."
Date reviewed: //2013-08-19
"Inspite of the continuing bitterly cold weather, my introduction to Jousting was a great fun day. The instructors were all encouraging, supportive and friendly, the horses we used all very responsive but absolutely safe - in fact the Grand Gauntlet Challenge winner was a lady who'd never ridden before up against 4 of us who were quite experienced! Neck-reining using one hand was a new experience; hugging a heavy lance under the other arm was a challenge; trying to hook gold rings on the end of it whilst riding at speed was more than exciting!! Whilst we didn't get a chance to do a choreographed fight sequence, we did practice our longbow archery skills, and didn't have to wait until after lunch to be dressed in our medieval tabards, and chainmail - in fact the extra layers were very welcome given the low temperatures. As a group we performed some cavalry manouevres and our last task was jousting against one of the professional knights - fortunately he didn't have a lance! Super Day!"
Date reviewed: //2013-03-30

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