B Bakery Bus Tour Review

My review of the B Bakery Bus Tour

B Bakery Bus Tour Double Decker
This is a review of the B Bakery Bus Tour which we went on in August 2015. We booked our B Bakery Bus Tour through Cheap Experience Days and Virgin Experience Days.

We had originally seen the B Bakery Bus Tour when it was shown on the X Factor in 2014 when Mel B went on it. We thought it was a brilliant idea and so had to book it.

I originally booked the B Bakery Bus Tour via the telephone but had to change the date, which B Bakery let us do easily for no charge. We had booked our bus tour to leave from Victoria Coach Station in London (the tours also depart from Leicester Square). We didn't know exactly where to go, but we had read on Trip Advisor to go to a certain numbered gate.  When we arrived at the gate we could clearly see the red double decker bus parked outside.

We had our tickets checked and were registered, we then climbed on board. You pre-book your table number and whether you are sitting upstairs or downstairs, so we knew exactly where to go.

If you book for two, then you get a table for two, don't worry you don't have to share with strangers. But if you are going to book a group then remember the tables will take a maximum of four people.

B Bakery Bus Tour Food

The table was laid out with our sandwiches and pastries on it, together with our B Bakery beaker, orange juice etc. Once the double decker bus got moving we started on our savouries and the waiting staff began to take drinks orders.

You could choose from lots of different tea types as well as coffee or fruit teas. There was also an orange juice bottle on the table. There were also free top ups of hot drinks, but be warned there are no toilets on board the bus, so don't drink too much! The tour lasts about 90 minutes.

One good thing now is that you get to keep your B Bakery Bus Tour beaker cup, apparently you didn't used to be able to take it away.

All the sandwiches and pastries were lovely, as the B Bakery makes them all themselves as they have a bakery store in Covent Garden.

On top of the sandwiches and pastries you see on the table when you arrive the waiting staff also prepare scones for you with cream or butter and jam.

If at the end of the tour you have not managed to eat all of your food, the waiting staff will even supply you with a pretty doggie bag to take them home in.

The waiting staff were really friendly, funny and courteous. The bus tour does not have an official guide on board, but one of the waiting staff does point out some of the main attractions, shown below on the B Bakery Bus Tour Map.

B Bakery Bus Tour Map

B Bakery also put on special Halloween and Christmas themed bus tours, so look out for them.

Our bus tour was on a rainy day, so the windows did steam up a little, but it was nice to be indoors sightseeing on a rainy day. So it really does not matter what the weather is like when you take your B Bakery Bus Tour outing.

We really enjoyed our bus tour and we would do it again. Now my wife has been on the bus tour she wants to take her girlfriends next time.

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